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by  Africa Media Australia

Afroshine Australia Awards is an awards program run by Africa Media Australia (AMA) Pty Ltd.

The awards program started in 2013 as the Victorian African Communities Awards with a focus on highlighting the successful stories and positive achievements from African-Australian communities. In 2016 the program changed to Afroshine Australia Awards to include all states and territories in Australia. The awards also recognises the support provided by non-African individuals and organisations to help meet the needs of African-Australian communities

The Awards are run annually in Melbourne. Nominations are usually officially opened late July to Mid-August and the awards night take place late October to Mid-November  every year. Nominations can be submitted by anyone in any the twenty categories available, including :

  • Community leadership
  • Artistic talents
  • Academic achievements
  • Women in Leadership
  • Youth Leadership
  • Sport
  • Professional excellence (up to 15 fields )
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Outstanding community project/project/event
  • Best publications
  • Best Project supporting Africans
  • Organisations Support Africans
  • Unsung Heroes
  • Best Mum/Dad
  • Proactive faith-based organisations
  • Friends of Africans
  • 50 most inspiring and influential African-Australians

Once the notations are closed, a cross-community judging panel is convened to process all submissions and vote on the list of the finalists. After the finalists are announced a public vote is organised to enable the community to participate in the awards process by voting people who deserve recognition for their achievements. When the vote closes the judging panel reconvenes to cast a final vote for the awards. Public voting counts for 50% of the vote and the panel’s vote covers the remaining 50%.  The panel’s voting is done based on clearly defined criteria such as qualification, achievements, impact, influence etc…

AMA runs Afroshine Australia Awards in collaboration with many African-Australian community organisations, businesses, faith groups and professional bodies.  AMA is one of the largest African-led media company in Australia. AMA is both a media company and an advocacy group. Our success is driven by the commitment to reflect the dreams, aspirations, successes and challenges of African communities in Australia.

Afroshine Awards also has an ambassador and mentorship program to help connect successful Africans with younger African-Australians who need monitorship and guidance in their own endeavour.

AMA is registered with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) as Africa Media Australia Ltd.

Email: admin@africamediaaustralia.com

Telephone: 0437724469