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2019 Winners

by  Africa Media Australia
  1. Friends of Africans
    1. Anne Bellavance
    2. Irene Bouzo
    3. Ken Betts


  1. Professional Excellence
    1. Louis Kristopher (Legal- INTERSTATE- NT)
    2. Abdulrahim Elmi (Media- INTERSTATE- WA)
    3. Belthrand Tungandame (Media)- VIC
    4. Stephane (Academic Excellence) – VIC
    5. Haastari Marunda (Legal) – INTERSTATE- QLD


  • Gladys Serugga
  • Abraham Tamba


  1. Women in Leadership
    1. Summayyah – VIC
    2. Connie Sivaly – VIC
    3. Olamide Kowalik – INTERSTATE (QLD)


  • Victoria Rutayisire
  • Edith Mukura


  1. Fashion and Modelling
    1. Kwacha – VIC


  1. Organisations Supporting Africans
    1. Tigray -VIC
    2. JSS- VIC


  • Sickle Cell Australia
  • Wafrica


  1. Artistic Talents
    1. Rev Chaala -VIC


  • Ras Jahknow
  • Nyawuda chuol


  1. Youth leadership
    1. Eangano Singehebhuye


  • Bode Muse


  1. Business & Entrepreneurship 
    1. Gift Mathe – VIC
    2. Dr Michael Akindeju -VIC


  • Seun Omolewa
  • Zandile Dube


  1. Best Project with a focus on Africans
    1. Ashoup Atar


  • Div Tal


  1. Community leadership
    1. Deng Kor


  • John Kor
  • Archangelo


  1. 50 Most Inspiring
    1. Zione Walker-Nthenda – VIC
    2. Prof Andre Renzaho (NSW)
    3. Peter Lual Deng (WA)
    4. Leila Abubakar (QLD)
    5. Selba Luka (Vic)
    6. Decal Nono (Vic)
    7. Apollo Nsubuga (Vic)


  1. Special Achievements: AMA choice
  1. Tsigab: Business
  3. Jael Wena: arts
  4. Kontiki cultural Women Empowerment
  5. I-empower


  1. David Wani: Community leadership
  2. Edith Mukura: Business & Entrepreneurship Winners





A-Town Entertainment (Entertainment)

Abdulrahim Elmi  (Media and Journalism)

Abeselom Nega (Inspiring Africans)

Abraham Tamba (Professional excellence: photography)

Agnes Nsofwa (Charitable organisations)

Ansu Dolley  (Inspiring Africans)

Ashoup Atar (Community Leadership)

Bode Muse (youth leadership/Inspiring Africans)

Brunswick Collision Centre (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Charles Sesay (Outstanding community project/event)

Connie Sivaly (Women in leadership)

Cynthia Musafiri (Inspiring Africans)

David Wani (Inspiring Africans)

Decal Nono (Inspiring Africans)

Deng Kor (community Leadership)

Denis Kayenge (Journalism and Media)

DivTal  (Organisation)

Dr Apollo Nsubug Kyobe (Inspiring Africans)

Dr Francis  Fornah (Faith leadership)

Dr Negagassa  Badasse (Inspiring Africans)

Eangano Singehebhuye  (Community Leadership)

Edith Mukura (Outstanding Community Project)

Elijah Buol  (Inspiring Africans)

Gift Mathe (Business)

Gladys Serugga  (Media and journalism)

Haastari Marunda  (Professional Excellence: Legal)

Harold Chaala  (Music)

Jael Wena (Music)

Jamal Elsheik Ahmed (Outstanding community project/event)

Julie Edwards (JSS -Organisation supporting Africans)

John Kon (Community Leadership)

Kennedy Weldermariam (Inspiring Africans)

Khadija Gbla (Inspiring Africans)

Kwacha Luka (Fashion and Modelling)

Louis Kristopher (Professional Excellence: Legal)

Mamay Nega  (Business)

Manal Youns (Youth Leadership)

Michael Akindeju (Business Entrepreneurship)

Nhial  Majur Nhial (Youth Leadership)

Nkandu Beltz (Inspiring Africans)

Nyawuda chuol (artistic talents/Acting)

Olamide Kowalik (Woman in Leadership)

Prof Andre Renzaho (Inspiring Africans)

Peter deng (Inspiring Africans)

Ras Jaknow (Artistic talents/ Music)

Ring Akot  (Professional Excellence: construction)

Sam Nem Phlatang (Inspiring Africans)

Sammy Bennett (Charitable organisation)

Seun Omolewa (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Sharon Opeleng (Inspring Africans)_

Stephane Shepherd (Academic Excellence)

St Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Faith-based leadership)

Sugar Boy (Artistic talents/Musci)

Summayyah  (Women in Leadership)

Tsigab Woldehiwot  (Business and Entrepreneurship)

Tigray Association of Victoria Inc (Community leadership)

Victoria Rutayisire (Women in leadership)

Wafrica (Organisation supporting Africans)

Zandile Dube (Business and mentorship)

Zione Walker (Inspiring Africans)


Friends of Africans

Anne Bellavance

Kenneth Betts

Irene Bouzo

Georgia Birch

Michael Maloney